The Season of Giving + our favs under $40!

Your MK&Co. guide to the best gifts for all the tiny humans on your list this year!  

Maybe you’re a momma shopping for your very own soon to be perfect, squishy newborn.  Maybe you’re a neighbor, a grandma, a bestie or auntie, just looking for the perfect gift.  Heck, you might even be both, a momma who knows how valuable cozy comfort is for kiddos and you need the perfect gift to give.   

We’ve rounded up our favorite gifts for newborns, babies and toddlers to make your holiday shopping so much easier! 

Here’s the best part, you do not have to spend a fortune to find amazing gifts.  We’re sharing our top gifts all under $40 that you’re sure to love, too!  

Best of all, when you shop with us you are supporting a small momma owned business and HUGE momma owned dreams! 

We literally do what we have coined a “gratitude move” EVERYTIME we see a sale come through!  Perhaps the biggest blessing of all though in being such a small business, is that we actually know so many of you by name.  We see your continued support.  We chat with you on social media.  We know your due dates, how old your babes are, who you're shopping for.  We know your wish list for next releases and are busily working to make them come true. 

These little things are part of our greatest joys in owning MK&Co.!  


Choosing the “right” gift? 

First of all, what makes a great gift? Some might say it’s practicality. Personally, we like to be gifted things we need, love and will use over and over again.  We design to offer the perfect balance of function, comfort and style.  

Every MK&Co. design is made with buttery soft fabric and high-quality materials. Made to withstand real life, the good, the bad and the messy but all while providing the highest amount of comfort to even the most sensitive skin.  Bamboo is hypoallergenic, and breathable for baby, while also long-lasting, durable, and environmentally responsible.  Win, win, and win! 

We’re highlighting a few of our favs that you can rest assured will bring joy to those you are gifting! 


Featuring the "Joey” Baby Gown 

The “Joey” 

Our Joey Gown was thoughtfully designed for those long, but oh so fleeting nights of diaper changes, feedings, and sweet newborn snuggles. 

Featuring fold over sleeves, a bottom to top zipper for no fuss diaper changes, tag free to ensure no irritation on that precious new baby skin, and the softest fabric with just enough stretch to mimic that womb-like feel. 

Why other mommas love it?   

“As a brand new mom, I wasn’t sure what I needed. When these arrived, they were the perfect for our little guy. Soft, comfortable, great for middle of night changes! We have them in every color and tell all new moms about them now.” 




Featuring the “Josi” Pajamas 

The “Josi” Two Piece Pajamas  

We've got your little one covered (literally) with our purposefully designed two-piece pajama sets. Knowing how fast these babes grow, our intention was to create a pajama set that would last you more than just a month or two. 

Featuring "grow-with-me" cuffs at the ankles to allow for extra fabric length, two button neck closure for easy over-the-head wear, and of course, our super soft bamboo fabric and tag free label. 

Why other mommas love it?   

“We love these PJs! Our son always has a problem putting his arms through the shirt sleeves to the point where he cries about it and dressing him is something he tries to avoid. With how these are designed though he was able to dress himself the first time we used them. They are super soft. I’ve washed them a lot of times now and they have kept their color, size and feel.” 




Featuring the "Knoxx” Sleep Sack  

The “Knoxx” Sleep Sack 

This double lined bamboo sleep sack will hug baby in buttery soft comfort. Our hand chosen fabric offers a slight stretch for full range of motion, yet structure to keep your little one comforted all night long. ⁠ 

Featuring a smooth gliding, double zipper, a weighted sensation for a feeling of safety and security, two sizes (6-12 mo and 12-24 mo), and of course our super soft bamboo fabric, these sleep sacks are sure to be a favorite! 

Why other mommas love it?   

“Can I just tell you guys how amazing your sleep sack is?! First of all the fabric is so silky soft and it feels soothing on the skin. It’s the perfect weight for all year round. I just put long sleeve pjs on my baby in the colder months and short sleeve in the summer but the sleep sack remains. The fabric piece covering the top zipper keeps my baby from chewing on it and I love the second bottom zipper...makes for easy diaper changes. Also, THANK YOU for making this tag less. I love that there is no tag sticking irritation at all. You literally thought of everything when you designed this.  It gives me complete peace of mind knowing that my baby is sleeping in the most comfortable sleep sack made from quality materials. 🤍🤍🤍🤍” 




featuring the "Emmy” Bow 

Baby goods 

The perfect add on to any gift, stocking stuffer for your own little babe or just gift topper (if you’re the fancy wrapping kind).  We’ve got you covered with the sweetest accessories! 

Fun fact about our “Emmy” Bow , not only is it insanely soft, pairs with our cozy baby gowns and oh so cute but this bow is created with leftover bamboo fabric from our two-piece pajamas. Here at MK&Co. we think sustainability is cool and we go the extra mile to infuse it wherever we can in our brand.  Mix em, match em in comfort so soft baby won't even know they are there. 

Why other mommas love it?   

“You seriously created the perfect bow, we’ve tried so many and they all left a mark on my sweet girls head.  This is the only bow we will put on her now and I can’t believe it has fit her for so long!  We have one in every color! ” 


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