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When they say, “The days are long, but the years are short”, they’re right. One minute you’re gazing at your perfect little newborn and the next you’re chasing a toddler down the hall wondering to yourself “Is it time for a glass of wine yet?” (Trust us, you’re not alone). One of the most startling things to us when we became mommas was seeing truly just how fast our babes grew. Months of pregnancy and stocking up on the cutest outfits just to realize that your little one outgrew them weeks ago!

We were tired of buying clothing that our kiddos were only wearing once or twice (or worse, not at all), which not only was a waste in our wallets, but it was also a waste environmentally. So, when it came to our first two-piece pajamas, we knew we had to create something for the fast-growing toddlers.

Enter the Josi!

Josi two-piece pajama set 

These pajamas are made from bamboo with the same buttery softness as the Joey Gown, but with the two-piece set we wanted to make sure the Josi was made to last through the growth spurts. Featuring two buttons on the neckline, which not only help with those wiggly outfit changes, but also allow your child to grow into them without stretching out the neckline. Hard to get over your babe’s head? Just unsnap the top button and skip the wrestling match!

Thoughtfully Designed

Josi two-piece pajama buttons

Another Josi feature are the ankle cuffs which allow for extra fabric without running past your kiddo’s feet, giving a few extra inches of growth to these favorite pajamas!

Josi two-piece pajama ankle cuffs

 Sizes up to the 3T have been thoughtfully designed with extra room for a diaper, while the 4T and 5T Josi pajamas have been designed with a slimmer fit in the diaper area, perfect for those potty-trained toddlers.

Josi two-piece pajama diaper backWith the average parents spending $60 or more on child clothing each month, we wanted to make sure that this purchase was going to last. Mix and match colors, wear them for bed, wear them at playdates, the Josi is guaranteed to be your kiddos’ favorite attire. At least it certainly is for our kids! 

Select Josi pajamas are currently on sale but hurry, these items are limited and won’t last long! 


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