One Year!!!

“What if today, we were just grateful for everything?" -Charlie Brown

And we are. Every day, we wake up and pinch ourselves that we are surrounded by the love, support & fun that YOU bring! YOU, our amazing, strong, beautiful group of mommas make MK&Co. what it is!

As MK & Co. Organics rounds out its first year of life, we are taking time to really reflect on what a year it has been.

We started this little company in the midst of a world pandemic, for one. All the crazy, hard, sad, frustrating, scary feelings that last year brought were always overshadowed by the love, the gratitude, the warmth, the community that this little brand brings to life.

We have followed your journeys and felt your heartaches. We have celebrated your victories and watched as you’ve welcomed new tiny humans into your arms.

When we sat down a year ago and imagined MK&Co. being birthed, we knew we wanted to serve and connect mommas. We knew it was in our hearts to be so much more than just another conscious clothing brand hitting the market.

Never in a million years though did we imagine how our hearts would get to grow in the midst of growing this business.

We now know many of you, we get to interact with you often, share in the #momlife crazy, laugh together, cry together, and most of all just keep it real together.

We remember our very first sale and asking each other if this was all real. Every sale still, one year later, feels special, tugs on our heart and brings an overwhelming sense of gratitude.

What we are trying to say here is, THANK YOU. Thank you for loving us. Thank you for connecting with us. Thank you for sharing about us. THANK YOU for being here!

YOU are truly the best part of it all.

What’s next for MK&Co.?

In one simple word.... EXPANSION.

We are working on SO many designs, new concepts, color pallets and have many prototypes already in the works.

We are working on bringing MK&Co. into more stores near you.

We are working on opening up sales rep opportunities and have dreams of providing lots of future opportunities for other mommas to work flexibly around their family's needs as well.

We are working on creating newborn bundles to make gifting even easier.

We are working on bringing you more “just for momma” items.

We are dedicated to continue bringing you products and apparel that make your lives easier, your babes comfortable & unite momma everywhere.

So stay tuned…we'll be sharing more soon! Lots of fun in the works!


Mandy & Kalie 

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