Cheers to you, Momma!

Holy cow! So much has happened in this past year, it feels like we may have lived 40 years in the span of one! What a whirlwind, right?

So many of us have had our worlds turned upside down.  So many of us have taken on new roles.  So many of us have said goodbye to ones we loved, welcomed new life in a very different way than we had ever envisioned, and just tried to keep our heads above water.

But…do you know who has, hands down, stepped up in the BIGGEST way? You.  Yes, YOU.

You, Momma. 

You, wearing ALL the hats.  You, trying to figure out how to keep your kiddos entertained, happy, and innocent throughout this whole crazy year. You, taking on the role of teacher, full-time working/stay at home mom, full-time entertainer of all the things, full-time professional snack maker.

Oof! Life hit hard this year.

But, you know what? We kept going.  We kept swimming. And, we did it with love in our hearts, a smile on our faces (even if we secretly, or not so secretly, cried while eating chocolate and drinking wine in the bath tub), and with a warm hug waiting.

They say moms are the strongest, hardest working people in the world.  And, lets just say, this year has doubled down on proving that to be the truth.

So, today, Momma.  This is for you.

Stop for a minute, right now, and think about all you have done this year.  Think about all the times you waved your white flag, only to realize nobody was coming to rescue you so you laid it down, rolled up your sleeves, and kept fighting.  Think about all the precious, beautiful moments you experienced with your sweet babies this year.  Think about how many hard decisions you had to make for your family, hoping you made the right ones.  Think about how simultaneously hard and rewarding this year has been.

Now, take a deep breath, and cover yourself in gratitude, in love, in the kind of warm and secure hug you would offer your tear faced baby.

Look at yourself through your kiddos’ adoring eyes.  The love you see in their eyes…reflect it onto yourself.  Because the way they see you is exactly how you should see yourself.

Because you, Momma…

You deserve ALL the self-love.  You did a DAMN good job and you deserve every ounce of recognition for that.

This year, and every year, remember you are the perfect person for your babies.  You are the perfect person for you. And, damn, if you are not incredibly powerful and strong!

Now go enjoy the day, in whatever way feels good to you.  Whether you are taking the day to spend with yourself, on self-care, with family, out in nature...

Whatever it may be, do it with love, adoration, and appreciation for yourself.

You deserve it.  Today, and everyday.

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