Who Run The World? MOMMAS!

This week was International Women’s Day, and while we believe in honoring the hard work of fearless females every day, this celebration makes us reflect even more on just how incredible we women are! 🙌


Simply put:  We truly do it all ✨

Whether we’re professionals, students, homemakers, mommas, or all of the above combined, we have found a way to juggle all of life’s pieces into one beautiful (and sometimes chaotic!) puzzle. It’s never perfect, in fact sometimes it’s downright messy, but if anyone can do it, it’s us women. 💪

We believe in a community of lifting one another up and what better way to do that than by sharing with you who we are influenced by. All month long we are featuring some of our favorite and most inspirational women-owned businesses on our Instagram page. Be sure to tell us who you’re inspired by – we’d love to get to know them!


For us at MK & Co., we were two mommas tired of not finding soft, simple and smart clothes for our babes. We had recently traded in corporate gigs for #momlife and knew there was a greater purpose to our talents. And so, if we couldn’t find the soft, buttery pajamas we desired, we figured why not design them ourselves? MK & Co. was born. After all, we are mommas on a mission! 💛


Every day we are inspired by all the mommas we discover which is why we firmly believe in our mantra: Momma owned, kiddo inspired, influenced by you. We thoughtfully designed our Joey Gown with those late-night diaper changes in mind, we knew how important growth spurts were when we created our “Grow-with-Me” Josi Two-Piece Pajamas, and we sustainably made our Emmy Bow with leftover bamboo fabric. 🎀 Want to help us design what’s next? Hang with us on Instagram and vote in our polls. From colors to features and functions, we want YOUR input on how we can better create clothes designed specifically for your babes and ours!


So raise a glass to you, momma! Whether it’s a glass of wine or simply just your kiddos’ sippy cup because it’s all you can grab onto right now, cheers to you! You’re doing amazing.


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